Stay up to date with the latest pathbreaking thoughts and ideas on learning to play guitar with FREE lessons from the author of Guitar EncycloMedia - Mike Overly.

01. The Process of Learning ... presents a list of student questions that will lead you from the "tempo of thought" to the "tempo of performance" by showing that all frets are created equal so that you can have some fun beyond the 3rd fret!
02. Secret Fretboard Angles Revealed ... reveals three little known and rarely understood secret fretboard angles that will change the way you view your fretboard.
03. All The Chords I Needed To Know, I Learned At My First Lesson ... teaches that there are only 5 simple shapes from which all chords are created!
04. 3-5-7-9 This Is Only A Test ... is a quiz about your knowledge of the inlaid position markers on your fretboard.
05. The Shocking Truth about Tones. ... presents important insights into the creation of "harmony numerals" which guarantees harmonic success in all keys.
06. Diatonic, Chromatic? It's Greek to Me! ... traces Music back to Ancient Greece to uncovered Pythagoras's discovery of the DiaTonic Scale
07. It's Like Magic - Learn 9 Triads and Know 540 Chords! ... shows that by learning just 9 simple triads - like magic - the result is we automatically know 540 chords!
08. If You Move Two Frets - You've Moved To Far. ... proves that you can change chords faster if you play them closer.
09. 473-6251, Songwriters Call Home. ... discovered how it is possible to locate the same letter, from any starting letter, by moving either up or down a perfect 4th and 5th, also know as the "Rule of 9."
10. Master Combinations That Unlock The Box. ... learn techniques that will development strength, endurance and speed in both hands and greatly increase your skill and ability to play what you hear!
11. Go Outside and Play. ... introduces you to 14 different inside and outside fingering combinations that include 1st and 4th finger extensions.
12. Plan Your Practice and Practice Your Plan. ... presents an overview of universal practice techniques that will benefit all players who are seeking to acquire greater proficiency and skill by structuring a more efficient practice session.
13. What a Coincidence -- Unison Tuning. ... unfolds the absolute, perfect and relative tuning process.
14. Surprise! It's More Than a Bakers Dozen. ... discover 35 different symbolic names for dozen pitches!
15. Arabic Numbers, Greek Names and Roman Numerals. ... reveals how Arabic tone numbers symbolize scale-degrees, Greek names symbolize modes and Roman numerals symbolize arpeggio and chord harmony.
16. Quantum Guitar - Where Time Is Not Sound Space. ... shows how you can travel the same distance of Sound Space faster on the fretboard if you play vertical rather than horizontal, and that you can travel even faster if you play diagonally.